Information Technology Policies and Standards

Anti-Virus Policy
To Be Reviewed
Applies to all computing resources directly connected to the City's network
The City of Albuquerque shall promote a secure computing environment for all staff and business partners. Computing systems (including but not limited to: desktop workstations, laptops, hand-held, personal digital assistants, servers and network devices) are an integral part of the operations of the City and as such are vital to the City's mission. Computer viruses, worms, Trojans, to name a few, constitute a major threat to the integrity and performance of the computing operations, including access to critical data and the availability of the City’s network. This antivirus standard will help ensure that all vulnerable computing platforms are hardened against attack and protected by antivirus software at all times.

· Any computer or network device connected to the City network, including wireless, the Any Connect (VPN) or dial-up connections, must be protected against attack by viruses, worms and Trojans. This standard applies to all devices connected, by any means, to the City network including those owned by the City, private individuals such as staff, vendor and business partner.
· All antivirus software shall be actively managed to ensure that the latest software updates and the virus signatures are installed. It is strongly recommended that the antivirus software be configured to obtain these updates automatically and frequently from their antivirus vendor.
· The City reserves the right to review any device attached to the network (public or non-public) for adequate virus protection. The City reserves the right to deny access to the network to any device found to be inadequately protected. Additionally, the City reserves the right to disable network access to any device that is insufficiently protected, or currently infected with a virus. Network access may be restored when the device has been cleaned and current antivirus software and applicable operating system and application patches have been installed.
All machines must be protected by up-to-date virus protection software at all times.
For the promotion a secure computing environment for all staff and business partners.

Contact: Arthur C. Montoya, (505) 768-2925