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Police Oversight Commission
Ordinance (9-4-1-4)
There is hereby created a Police Oversight Commission (POC) to provide oversight of the Albuquerque Police Department and oversee all citizen complaints as follows:
(A) The POC shall be composed of nine members who broadly represent the diversity of this community, and who reside within the City of Albuquerque. There shall be one member of the Police Oversight Commission representing each City Council District. This policy shall be implemented as vacancies occur subsequent to the adoption of this ordinance with the exception of Commissioners currently serving on the POC who may be reappointed for a second term by the Mayor regardless of the Council District they represent.
(B) The following are the minimum qualifications for members of the Police Oversight Commission:
(1) Have not been employed by law enforcement for one year prior to appointment; and
(2) Problem solving and conflict resolution skills; and
(3) Attend a yearly four-hour civil rights training session to be conducted by a civil rights attorney or advocacy group; and
(4) A willingness to commit the necessary time each month for POC hearings and a commitment to prepare and read all materials distributed prior to the monthly POC meetings; and
(5) Participate in a minimum of two ride-a-longs every year with APD officers; and
(6) Attend a yearly Firearms Training Simulator (FATS) training at the APD Police Academy.
(C) When a vacancy on the POC occurs, the Councillor representing the District in which the vacating member of the POC resides, or another Councillor representing another District which is unrepresented on the POC, shall nominate two members to the POC who reside in his or her respective Council District. The Mayor shall then appoint one of these recommended members to the POC with the advice and consent of the Council.
(D) The terms of the members of the POC shall be staggered so that no more than five of the members are eligible for reappointment or replacement each year.
(E) The appointment of any member of the POC who has been absent and not excused from three consecutive regular or special meetings shall automatically expire effective on the date the fact of such absence is reported by the Commission to the City Clerk. The City Clerk shall notify any member whose appointment has automatically terminated and report to the City Council that a vacancy exists on said Commission and that an appointment should be made for the length of the unexpired term.
(F) That the POC shall elect one of its members as the Chairperson and one as Vice-Chairperson, who shall each hold office for one year and until their successors are elected. No officer shall be eligible to succeed himself or herself in the same office. Officers shall be elected in the month of March of each calendar year.
(G) The POC may appoint such subcommittees as are deemed necessary or desirable for the purposes of 9-4-1-1 through 9-4-1-14, provided that, membership on such subcommittees shall be limited to the Commission members.
(H) That the POC and its investigative arm, the IRO, shall be housed in a facility that is separate from any police presence and is located outside of the Albuquerque/Bernalillo Government Center, the Police Department and/or all of the police substations.
(I) That the City Council and the Mayor's Office shall jointly provide staff assistance at all regularly scheduled meetings and at special meetings held pursuant to signed petitions. All other staff support shall be provided by the IRO and/or the Independent Review Office staff.
(Ord. 31-1998; Am. Ord. 6-2000; Am. Ord. 1-2001; Am. Ord. 28-2004)
9-4-1-5 Powers and Duties of the Commission

The Police Oversight Commission shall have the following powers and duties:
(A) To promote a spirit of accountability and communication between the citizens and the Albuquerque Police Department while improving community relations and enhancing public confidence.
(B) To oversee the full investigation and/or mediation of all citizen complaints; audit and monitor all investigations and/or police shootings under investigation by APD's Internal Affairs; however, the POC will not investigate any complaints other than those filed by citizens. All complaints filed by police officers will be investigated by Internal Affairs.
(C) To gain the cooperation of APD and solicit public input by holding regularly scheduled meetings.
(D) To review all work of the IRO with respect to quality, thoroughness, and impartiality of investigations.
(E) Submit a quarterly report to the Mayor and City Council according to 9-4-1-10 herein.
(F) To submit all findings to the Chief of Police. The Chief will have final disciplinary authority.
(G) To engage in a long-term planning process through which it identifies major problems and establishes a program of policy suggestions and studies each year.
(H) To conduct regularly scheduled public meetings with a prepared agenda that is distributed in advance to the Mayor, City Council, Police Chief, and City Attorney, and that complies with the New Mexico Open Meetings Law. Each POC meeting will begin with public comments and only the regularly scheduled monthly meetings and special meetings held pursuant to submission of petitions will be televised live on the appropriate government access channel. All other meetings of the POC will comply with the Open Meetings Law and shall be videotaped and aired on the appropriate government access channel; however, there is no requirement for providing live television coverage.
(I) To recommend to the Mayor and City Council during the city's budget process, their proposed budget for provision of such staff as is necessary to carry out the powers and duties under 9-4-1-1 through 9-4-1-14, including the funding for the Independent Review Office, staff, and all necessary operating expenses. The Mayor shall propose the annual budget to the City Council in the annual budget message.
(J) To recommend three candidates to the Mayor for consideration as the Independent Review Officer (IRO), and oversee the continuing performance of this individual once selected by the City Council.
(Ord. 31-1998; Am. Ord. 6-2000; Am. Ord. 1-2001; Am. Ord. 28-2004)
Current Membership
Council District 1Vacant
Council District 2Vacant
Council District 3Vacant
Council District 4Vacant
Council District 5Vacant
Council District 6Vacant
Council District 7Vacant
Council District 8Vacant
Council District 9Vacant

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