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Joint Air Quality Board
Ordinance (9-5-1-3 )
(A) In accordance with the New Mexico Air Quality Control Act, a joint air quality control board known as the Albuquerque-Bernalillo County Air Quality Control Board is created. The Board shall serve as a joint local authority acting on behalf of both the city and the county. Within the exterior boundaries of the county, the Board shall have authority and jurisdiction to exercise the same functions pertaining to air quality as the functions that have been delegated by the Air Quality Control Act to the New Mexico Environmental Improvement Board except any functions reserved exclusively for the Environmental Improvement Board.

(B) The membership and organization of the Board shall be as described in this section.

(1) Members of the Board previously appointed and serving at the time 9-5-1-1 et seq. are enacted shall continue serving their terms on the Board. The length and termination date of their terms of office shall not be affected by the passage of 9-5-1-1 et seq.

(2) The Board shall consist of seven members, four of whom shall be appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the City Council and three of whom shall be appointed by the County Commission.

(3) Members shall be appointed for three-year terms. No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms at a time. The positions on the Board shall be staggered appointments so no more than two city appointee's terms expire in any single year. Vacant positions shall be filled by individuals appointed by the same authority that appointed the outgoing member.
The Board shall:
(1) Adopt, promulgate, publish, amend and repeal regulations consistent with the Air Quality Control Act and 9-5-1-1 et seq. to attain and maintain national ambient air quality standards and prevent or abate air pollution, including regulations prescribing air standards, within the geographic area of the Board's jurisdiction, or any part thereof; and

(2) Adopt a plan for the regulation, control, prevention or abatement of Air Pollution, recognizing the differences, needs, requirements and conditions within the county or any part thereof.
Current Membership
City of AlbuquerqueMr. Matthew W Wylie
City of AlbuquerqueMs. Sandra A Buffett
City of AlbuquerqueMr. Arturo Sandoval
City of AlbuquerqueMs. Lauren Meiklejohn
Bernalillo CountyMs. Susan Langner
Bernalillo CountyMs. Kitty Richards
Bernalillo CountyMr. Zackary A. Quintero
Contact: Stephanie Apodaca, (505) 768-1915