Boards and Commissions Membership

Personnel Board
Ordinance (3-1-4)
Meeting Time/Location
The Personnel Board meets every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 2:30 pm. at the Hearing Office, hearing room #1, located at 200 Third Street NW, Room 735 Albuquerque, NM 87102.
(A) The Personnel Board shall serve in an advisory capacity in the administration of the city's Personnel Program and shall have the following powers:
(1) To advise and assist the Chief Administrative Officer or his or her designated representative and the Director of Human Resources in adopting such Personnel Rules and Regulations as are considered necessary, appropriate or desirable to carry out the provisions of this article;
(2) To advise and assist the Chief Administrative Officer or his or her designated representative and the Director of Human Resources in the improvement of personnel standards in the classified service;
(3) To advise the Chief Administrative Officer or his or her designated representative and the Director of Human Resources upon problems concerning personnel administration and recommend corrective action; and
(4) To inquire, after consultation with the Chief Administrative Officer, into any matter which it may consider desirable concerning the administration of affairs of personnel.
(B) The Personnel Board shall render a decision upon the appeal of classified employees of the city who have been suspended without pay for more than five days, demoted for disciplinary reasons or discharged, as provided in 3-1-25.
(C) Meetings of the Personnel Board, including hearings, shall comply with the New Mexico Open Meetings Act, 10-15-1 et seq. NMSA 1978.
(D) The Personnel Board shall establish rules and regulations governing the conduct of its meetings and its grievance hearings.
('74 Code, 2-9-5) (Ord. 52-1978; Am. Ord. 69-1988; Am. Ord. 29-1998)
(A) There shall be a Personnel Board composed of five members. Two members shall be appointed by the Mayor; they shall have significant management or personnel experience. Two members shall be selected by the employees by election and then appointed by the Mayor. The remaining member shall be selected by the other four members. All board members shall be persons who have resided in the city for a period of at least one year and shall not be elected public officials. All selections shall be subject to the advice and consent of the City Council. Board members shall serve two-year terms which expire September 1. The terms of the members who are serving when Ordinance 29-1998 was passed shall expire as follows: the term of one mayoral appointee and one elected member, chosen by lot, shall expire September 1, 2000. The terms of the remaining three members shall expire September 1, 2001.
(B) When a vacancy occurs among members selected by the employees, an election by the employees of the city shall be held. Only persons who have received the signatures of at least 20 employees on a nominating petition(s) shall be eligible to be placed on the ballot in the election. When there is one vacancy to be filled, the person who receives the most votes in the employee election shall be appointed by the Mayor to fill the vacancy; where there are two vacancies to be filled, the two candidates with the most votes shall be appointed by the Mayor to fill the vacancies. In the event of a tie the Mayor shall appoint the appropriate number out of the candidates with the most votes. All appointments shall be sent to the Council for advice and consent. If a member appointed by the Mayor pursuant to an employee election is not approved by Council, the Mayor shall appoint the person who had a tie vote with the first appointee; if there was not such a tie, a new election shall be held, and the person with the most votes and who was not previously rejected by the Council shall be appointed by the Mayor and submitted to the Council.
(C) Except as provided in this article, the qualifications, appointments, and conduct of the members of the Board and the organizational structure of the Board shall be governed by 2-6-1-1 et seq.
Current Membership
Elected by BoardMs. Sonja Y Brown
LaborMs. Marie Julienne
LaborMrs. Sarah M Fetty
ManagementDr. Karl R Braithwaite
ManagementMr. John R Castillo
Contact: Stephanie Apodaca, (505) 924-3654