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Labor-Management Board
Meeting Time/Location

The City of Albuquerque Labor-Management Relations Board conducts two monthly public meetings. Open meetings are scheduled every second Tuesday and every third Monday of the month. Notice for regular meetings is posted in the lobby on the first floor in the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Government Center, Albuquerque, N.M.

     There shall be formed, to assist in the implementation and administration of the article, a city Labor-Management Relations Board of three members.  In view of the legal work involved in the interpretation of this article, Board members shall normally be members of the legal profession or individuals who possess expertise in the field of employee relations or both.  Board members shall serve for a period of two years commencing October 1, provided that, upon the initiation of any proceeding or hearing, the Board as then constituted may retain jurisdiction to finally decide the matter.  The Board shall be selected as follows:

     (A)     Each city employee organization whose principal interest is to represent city employees in bargaining collectively with the city government concerning wages and conditions of employment, shall appoint one person to a committee that will be charged with selecting one person to the Board.  This committee will meet once every two years in September and select the employees' member of the Board for the following years.

     (B)     The Mayor of the city shall during the same month appoint the second member of the Board.

     (C)     The third member and chairperson of the Board shall be appointed mutually by the members appointed by the Mayor and the employee organizations.

     (D)     In case the Board must meet in accordance with this article during the absence of a member of the Board, the President of the City Council shall appoint an interim Board member from the public at large with due regard to the representative character of the Board.  In the event a Board member cannot complete the two year term, a new member shall be selected for the remainder of the term in accord with the selection process of this article.

     (E)     The members of the Board shall be compensated at the rate of $100 each for each day of hearing or meeting.  In any proceeding wherein the Board hears and decides a controversy between parties, the Board members' daily fee will be shared equally by the parties involved.

('74 Code, § 2-2-14)  (Ord. 153-1971; Am. Ord. 218-1972; Am. Ord. 4-1977; Am. Ord. 4-2001)

Current Membership
Elected by BoardMr. Ted C. Baca
MayorDr. Bruce J Perlman
Employee OrganizationsMr. Juan B. Montoya
Contact: Jessica Enriquez, (505) 768-4672