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Accountability in Government Oversight Committee
Ordinance (2-10-5)
Meeting Time/Location
Last Wednesday of the Month. 3:00pm, in Room 5025 of the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Government Building
(C) The Committee shall meet monthly or upon the call of the Chair or a majority of its members.
(D) Committee members shall not receive compensation for their service. Voting members of the Committee shall not serve on any other city board, commission or task force.
(E) The Chief Administrative Officer and the Director of Council Services or their designees may attend all Committee meetings.
(F) If an Official is the subject of an investigation, then the ex officio members, their designees, the Chief Administrative Officer and the Director of Council Services shall be recused from all meetings where that particular investigation is being discussed and they shall not have access to the investigative file during the pending investigation.
(G) The Committee is a management committee and not a public board, commission or committee as specified by 2-6-1-1 et seq. and not subject to the Open Meetings Act. The Committee is not formed to formulate public policy nor is authority to formulate public policy delegated to the Committee.
(H) The Committee may remove the Director by a majority vote. Within five days of the Director’s removal, the Committee shall report the reasons for removal to the Mayor and the Council.
(I) The Committee shall annually recommend a budget to the Mayor and Council that may include a salary adjustment for the Director.
(J) The Committee shall provide the Director with guidance, priorities and potential areas for investigation. The Committee may also lend advice to the Director regarding technical issues that may arise.
(K) The Committee shall coordinate the work of the Office of Internal Audit and Investigations with the Mayor’s and Council’s needs.
(L) The Committee shall not prohibit the Director from initiating, carrying out or completing any audit, investigation or review. If a majority of the Committee members finds that an audit, investigation or review is questionable, then the Committee shall issue a cautionary statement to the Director.
(M) The Committee shall review and approve all audit and investigatory reports at each meeting.
(N) The Committee shall prepare a job description, specify qualifications for applicants, work with the Director of the Human Resources Department to advertise for the position and develop the applicant search procedure and make recommendations to the Council on the selection of the Director.
(O) Any discipline of the Director, as provided by 3-1-6 ROA 1994, shall be by the Committee. The Director shall report to the Committee for approval of vacation, sick, emergency and city business leave.
(Ord. 1-2005)
(A) The “Accountability in Government Oversight Committee” is created. The Committee shall consist of five members from the community at large. The Mayor and one Councilor appointed annually by the Council President shall be nonvoting ex officio members. The Mayor and the appointed Councilor may send designees to the Committee meetings. At least one Committee member shall be a CPA, at least one Committee member shall have a law enforcement or law background and at least one Committee member shall be a professional management consultant.
(B) As vacancies on the Committee occur, the Council and Mayor shall alternatively appoint new members with the Council making the first appointment. All appointments shall be subject to Council approval. The existing Committee members may make recommendations to the Mayor and Council for candidates to fill vacancies on the Committee. If either the Mayor or Council fails to name a replacement Committee member within 45 days of the vacancy, then the other body shall make the appointment. The Committee members shall be appointed for staggered terms of three years unless an appointment is to fill a vacancy. An appointment to fill a vacancy shall be for the unexpired term. Terms shall begin on the first day of September. The Committee members shall elect the Committee Chair annually.
Current Membership
At LargeMs. Laura Smigielski Garcia
At LargeMr. John A. Carey
CPAMs. Elizabeth J. Metzger
LawMr. Edmund Perea
ManagementMr. Daniel O. Trujillo
Contact: Joy Serna, (505) 505-768-3154