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EMS Medical Control Board

     (A)     Membership and Terms.  The members shall consist of licensed physicians engaged in the practice of emergency medicine.  The membership of the Board shall consist of the emergency department medical director or his designee from each hospital organization operating a full service, 24-hour emergency department in the city.  The Executive Medical Director shall serve as a member and chairperson of the Board.  The Board shall meet no less than once every two months as determined by its membership.  Members shall have staggered terms, and the term of appointment shall be for two years.

     (B)     Functions.  The Board shall be responsible to the Authority for all aspects of medical control related to patient care and the delivery of medical services.  The Board shall meet at the call of its Chairperson.  The Board shall address the following matters but not be limited to these topics:

          (1)     Medical control over the delivery of EMS and ambulance services including the medical control communication system.

          (2)     The effectiveness of the EMS dispatch communication system.

          (3)     Medical protocols (which are the responsibility of the Executive Medical Director) to serve as the required standard of care as required by state regulation.

          (4)     Measurable performance standards related directly or indirectly to clinical performance and patient care.

          (5)     Research and evaluation of the provision of EMS services, including the establishment of a unified medical records system for the EMS system.

          (6)     An emergency medical services prevention program.

     (C)     Medical Audits.  The Board shall perform medical audits with regard to the provision of EMS when requested by the Medical Director, by any doctor involved in the case, by the Authority, or when in the Board's discretion it is determined that a specific incident merits investigation.  The Board shall establish procedures for taking complaints and acting in an expeditious manner upon them.  The Authority shall determine whether a regular program of conducting medical audits as a service monitoring procedure is warranted.

('74 Code, § 6-28-7)  (Ord. 38-1989; Am. Ord. 12-1991; Am. Ord. 9-1993; Am. Ord. 40-1997)

Current Membership
Emergency Medical DirectorDr. Drew Harrell
Emergency Medical DirectorPHS-E Timothy Durkin
Emergency Medical DirectorVAMC Audrey Urbano, MD
Emergency Medical DirectorVacant
Emergency Medical DirectorUNMHSC Paul Cheney, MD
Contact: Kyle Henson, (505) 768-9316