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Albuquerque Museum Board of Trustees
Ordinance (10-4-1-4)
10-4-1-1 PURPOSE.
A public museum of the city is hereby established for the purpose of disseminating knowledge and appreciation of art and history by establishing and maintaining a museum and related facilities in the City of Albuquerque; by collecting and preserving objects of artistic and historic interest; by aiding in protecting historic sites, works of art from needless destruction; by providing facilities for research and publication; by offering instruction and opportunities for aesthetic enjoyment to the public; and by encouraging continued excellence of the cultural life of the community.
('74 Code, 11-4-1) (Ord. 92-1967; Am. Ord. 18-1985; Am. Ord. 8-1994)
10-4-1-2 NAME.
The name of the museum shall be the Albuquerque Museum, hereinafter the "Museum." The Museum will be housed in city-owned facilities built and maintained for the Museum's use.
('74 Code, 11-4-2) (Ord. 92-1967; Am. Ord. 18-1985)
A Museum Board of Trustees, hereinafter the "Board," is established and shall:
(A) Advise the Mayor and the City Council and advise and consult with the Director of the Museum, hereinafter "Director," on matters relating to the Museum and its needs;
(B) Establish such policies as are deemed necessary for the operation of the Museum. Policies are defined as broad operational guidelines, within which programmatic and administrative decisions may be made and implemented in accordance with accepted city administrative procedures;
(C) Have trust responsibilities for the Museum collections; determine that the collections are maintained and preserved in accordance with professional standards for museum operations and the public interest; and establish policies for the control, acquisition and disposal of Museum materials;
(D) Adopt and amend bylaws governing the activities of the Board;
(E) Recommend appropriate contractual arrangements between the city and the Albuquerque Museum Foundation, Inc., hereinafter the "Museum Foundation," a nonprofit corporation formed to further the cultural and educational programs and purposes of the Museum as expressed in city ordinances relating to the Museum.
('74 Code, 11-4-3) (Ord. 92-1967; Am. Ord. 18-1985)
(A) The Board will be composed of nine members, each of whom is appointed to fill a designated position. All appointments require the advice and consent of the City Council. It is intended that the areas of art and history will be represented by membership on the Board. (For the nomination- appointment procedure, see 10-4-1-5.)
(1) Two of the Board members shall be appointed by the Mayor from at least four names submitted to the Mayor by the Museum Foundation. An additional member appointed by the Mayor shall be the President of the Museum Foundation. If the President of the Museum Foundation is already a member of the Board, the Mayor shall appoint that member from the list of names submitted by the Museum Foundation; in this situation the list shall contain at least six (rather than four) names.
(2) Two of the Board members shall be appointed by the Mayor from at least four names submitted to the Mayor by the Board. An additional member appointed by the Mayor shall be a person submitted by the Board.
(3) Three of the Board members shall be appointed by the Mayor without special restrictions.
(B) The terms of members of the Board shall be four years. However, a member of the Board named because he or she is the Foundation president shall offer his or her resignation from the Board upon termination of his or her Foundation presidency. A year of Board membership begins on August 1.
(C) The members shall serve without remuneration except that, on approval of the Mayor, they may be reimbursed for travel and out-of-pocket expense in connection with museum activities.
(D) Officers of the Board will be a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and others, if the Board requires. The Board shall adopt rules and bylaws necessary to elect its officers and to govern its proceedings. Except as provided in 10-4-1-1 et seq., the qualifications, appointment and conduct of the members of the Board and the organizational structure of the Board shall be governed by 2-6-1-1 et seq.
(E) (Reserved)
(F) The Board shall keep written minutes of all its meetings. The Board minutes shall be brief and shall include the date, time and place of the meeting, the names of members in attendance and those absent, the substance of the proposals considered and a record of any decisions and votes taken, stating how each member voted. Draft minutes shall be prepared within ten working days after the meeting. The Board must approve final minutes. Minutes shall not become official until approved by the Board. Minutes shall be filed with the City Clerk and sufficient copies forwarded to the Mayor for distribution as he prescribes.
(G) Minutes of the last July monthly meeting each term year shall contain a summary of recommendations and a record of members' attendance during the preceding term.
('74 Code, 11-4-4) (Ord. 92-1967; Am. Ord. 16-1977; Am. Ord. 50-1977; Am. Ord. 18-1985; Am. Ord. 8-1994)
At least two months before a term expires, or as soon as a vacancy otherwise exists, the Board Chairperson shall present to the Mayor the name, qualifications and length of service of any Board member whose term is ending. The Chairperson shall also present the names and qualifications of other people proposed for Board membership, proposed by the Board or by the Foundation as provided by 10-4-1-4. The Mayor shall promptly convey relevant information on the retiring Board member and the person he is nominating to the City Council.
('74 Code, 11-4-5) (Ord. 92-1967; Am. Ord. 59-1970; Am. Ord. 18-1985)
Current Membership
Mayor at LargeMr. Wayne G. Chew
Mayor at LargeMr. Harold Behl
Mayor at LargeMs. Joni M. Palmer, PhD, Secretary/Treasurer
Board RepresentativeMs. Pamela L Weese, Vice-Chair
Board RepresentativeMs. Helen Atkins
Board RepresentativeMs. Judith N Suiter, Chair
Foundation Board PresidentMrs. Marney Hupper
Foundation Board Rep.Mr. Alan F Weitzel
Foundation Board Rep.Ms. Beverly R Bendicksen
Contact: Cynthia D. Garcia, (505) 768-3584