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Albuquerque Energy Council
Ordinance (14-8-5-3)
Meeting Time/Location
Third Wednesday of every month, 8am to approximately 10:00 am at 1801 4th Street, Building B
There is hereby created the Energy Conservation Council, which shall consist of nine members who have responsibility for effecting energy conservation programs within the residential, commercial, industrial, city government, energy conservation interest groups, transportation, and utilities sectors of the community or who have leadership roles within the community. No member shall represent a specific agency or organization, but rather the community at large. All members shall be appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Council.
The Energy Conservation Council shall:

(A) Study energy uses and losses and means of reducing energy consumption in the city;

(B) Establish energy saving goals and a community wide energy conservation program for the city;

(C) Work with citizens, city employees, organized groups and businesses to develop and implement energy conservation programs;

(D) Educate citizens, city employees, professional groups, the business community, builders, educators, elected officials, community organizations, and other key persons about energy conservation;

(E) Promote cooperation and encourage coordination between the city and other entities which are involved in energy conservation;

(F) Advise the Mayor and Council on legislation, programs and policies which would contribute to energy conservation;

(G) Provide for evaluation of energy conservation programs which have been implemented;

(H) Adopt and promulgate such rules and regulations as may be necessary to implement 14-8-5-1 et seq.;

(I) Form such committees as are necessary to carry out the Energy Conservation Council's assigned powers and duties from its membership and from the general public;

(J) Submit an annual written report on its activities and an evaluation of the effectiveness of 14-8-5-1 et seq. to the Mayor and Council;

(K) April 1st of each calendar year the Mayor and the Energy Conservation Council shall communicate to the City Council for Receipt an Energy Use Report for all City Programs including the enterprise fund and the general fund. The plan shall include: 1) a ledger itemizing for the last 3 years, at the department division level, the energy consumed by type of energy source and the purpose for which it was consumed, 2) a report of the reasons by department division level for increases or declines in the consumption of a particular source of energy and 3) a list, by department division level of opportunities for energy conservation and the cost to implement those energy conservation strategies.

(L) Perform all other duties delegated to it by the Mayor and the Council.
('74 Code, 7-21-4) (Ord. 20-1977; Am. Ord. 52-2002)
Current Membership
At LargeVacant
At LargeMr. Michael A Cecchini
At LargeMs. Amy M Miller
At LargeMr. Mark L Allison
At LargeMs. Sanders Moore
At LargeMs. Sandra Mccardell
At LargeMr. Ryan Centerwall
At LargeMs. Tammy Fiebelkorn
At LargeMr. Carlos Lucero
Contact: Mr. Saif Ismail, (505) 768-5391