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EMS Authority
Ordinance (9-4-4-5)
 (A)     The City Council finds that:

 (1)     The EMS system provides a satisfactory level of service to the community at present.
(2)     The present EMS Authority has been found to be redundant in its efforts to regulate matters falling in the jurisdiction of established state agencies.
 (3)     Potential community-sensitive improvements are available as a result of reforming the present EMS system.
 (4)     Reform of the present EMS system must deal with first responder, rescue, and emergency and nonemergency ambulance transportation services and address the roles and responsibilities of the service providers within a restructured system.
(5)     The EMS system should be based on objectively stated and measurable performance standards and monitored.
(6)     The 911 Emergency System is a basic governmental function providing emergency responses through the City Police and City Fire Departments.
(7)     The City, through its 911 System, is the focal point for the receipt of requests for emergency transport of sick and injured persons within the City.
(8)     The City, through its 911 System, is the focal point for the dispatch of responses to requests for emergency transport of sick and injured persons within the city.
(9)     In order to provide satisfactory emergency transport of sick and injured persons within the City, it is necessary to establish a procedure for ambulance transport service under contract with the City.
(10)     The provisions of this Ordinance and any regulations promulgated pursuant to this Ordinance are in addition to those standards and/or requirements promulgated by the state agencies as the standards and/or requirements for ambulance services and prehospital providers, which as minimum standards may not be sufficient for the requisite standard of care in the city.
(11)     The EMS system should ultimately be a regional system to include the City, County, and other governmental entities located within the county.

     (B)     The purposes of §§ 9-4-4-1 et seq. are:

(1)     To serve the community through the promotion of clinical excellence, reliable response time performance, long range stability of service, and cost containment of the EMS system within the city; and (2)     To protect the public safety and health through prehospital emergency care and to ensure consistency of ambulance transport services within the city; and (3)     To establish reasonable rates for cost recovery in dispatching functions, consumable medical supplies, and staff time of personnel assisting the contractor(s) in the performance of transport duties through contractual agreements with the City.

('74 Code, § 6-28-2)  (Ord. 38-1989; Am. Ord. 12-1991; Am. Ord. 9-1993; Am. Ord. 40-1997)

(A)     Membership, Appointment, Terms, Disclosure, and Replacement.  The Authority shall consist of five at-large community members.  One or more of the at-large community members shall have expertise in business finance, budgeting, and accounting.  The members shall be appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Council.  The Authority shall be established in an expeditious manner.  No member of the Authority shall have a past or present substantial financial interest, as defined in §§ 9-4-4-1 et seq., in any EMS system within the city or their contracting organizations.  The members of the Authority shall publicly disclose in writing with the office of the City Clerk any substantial, past or present, financial interest in any EMS system or their contracting organizations within the city.  The Authority shall elect its chairperson from among its members who shall serve at the pleasure of the Authority.  The Authority shall be convened at the call of the Chairperson but shall meet not less than every two months.  The Authority shall operate according to the provisions of the city's public boards, commissions, and committee regulations set forth in §§ 2-6-1-1 et seq. The terms of appointment of the initial members of the Authority shall be one year for two members, two years for two members, and three years for one member.  Thereafter, the terms of appointment of these members shall be for three years. Replacement of members shall be performed in the same manner as for the initial members, provided, however, that if the County enters into a joint powers agreement as defined in §§ 9-4-4-1 et seq., the Authority shall be increased by two members who shall be appointed by the County Commission.

     (B)     Authority.  At a minimum, the Authority shall prepare and recommend to the Mayor requirements as specified in §§ 9-4-4-1 et seq. concerning the delivery of EMS which are consistent with applicable state and federal laws.  The Authority may recommend more stringent requirements as specified in §§ 9-4-4-1 et seq. concerning EMS when deemed appropriate. The Authority is charged with, and shall be responsible for, the oversight of these requirements within the scope of the powers of the Authority and the Executive Medical Director.  The Authority shall consider the recommendation from the Board on issues related to patient care and the delivery of medical service. However, the Authority is responsible for the oversight of the EMS system.  Ambulances, acting under regulation of the State Corporation Commission, shall respond within the 911 Emergency System as required by the City as stipulated in specific contractual agreements.  In addition, all operators shall provide to the authority performance reports and statistics.

     (C)     Functions.    

(1)     General Administration.  The Authority shall be responsible for the administration of §§ 9-4-4-1 et seq., shall guarantee medical control of the EMS system through the direction of the Board, shall directly discharge all other responsibilities concerning the nonmedical aspects of the EMS system, and shall recommend to the Chief and the Mayor the promulgation of rules and regulations governing EMS functions pursuant to its proper administration.

(2)     Medical Control Board.  The Board shall be responsible to the Authority for medical control functions as specified in § 9-4-4-8.

          (3)     Oversight and Enhancements.  The Authority shall provide general oversight with regard to the operations of the EMS system and shall be responsible for the investigation and improvement, if appropriate, of existing EMS programs with regard to the items below.  In matters related to patient care and the delivery of medical services, especially as specified in § 9-4-4-8, the Authority is expected to take direction from the Board.

(a)     Assuring the on-line and off-line medical control exercised by physicians over ambulance and emergency medical services;

(b)     Enhancing the communications and dispatch systems of the EMS program;

(c)     Developing, publishing, disseminating, and insuring compliance with written medical protocols (which are the responsibility of the Executive Medical Director) to serve as the required standard of care;

(d)     Establishing objectively stated and measurable performance standards related directly or indirectly to clinical performance and patient care;

(e)     Developing an emergency medical services prevention program;

(f)     Conducting research concerning, and evaluating the provision of, EMS services.  This activity shall involve developing and implementing a unified, medical records system for EMS services;

(g)     Engaging in such other actions which would result in needed improvements to the operation and efficiency of the EMS system.

(4)     EMS Authority Report.  The Authority shall prepare and submit an annual report concerning its activities, finances, and the performance of the EMS system to the Council and the Mayor.

(5)     System Restructuring.  The Authority, with the assistance of the Board and the Providers Advisory Committee, shall describe the present operation of the EMS system and propose a plan to fulfill the purposes of §§ 9-4-4-1 et seq.  The City Fire Department shall continue to provide EMS services to include first response, ALS, and BLS services as appropriate by medical priority dispatch within the EMS system in any proposed system restructuring.  If a reform plan significantly changes the mission, roles, responsibilities, or staffing of city prehospital EMS providers, the Authority shall make recommendations to the Mayor so he may request approval from the Council of the reform plan.  Should the activities of the Authority materially affect any existing EMS and ambulance service provider, the Authority shall insure that a transition planning process takes place.

('74 Code, § 6-28-5)  (Ord. 38-1989; Am. Ord. 12-1991; Am. Ord. 9-1993; Am. Ord. 40-1997; Am. Ord. 25-1999)

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