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Arts Board
Ordinance (10-5-3)
Meeting Time/Location
Third Wednesday of the month at 4:00pm in the 7th Floor "CIP" Room of the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Government Center, room 7026.

(A) The Albuquerque Arts Board is hereby established. It shall consist of eleven members all of whom shall reside in the City of Albuquerque. There shall be one member of the Albuquerque Arts Board from each City Council District and two members who serve at large. When a vacancy on the Albuquerque Arts Board occurs, the Councilor representing the District in which the vacating member of the Albuquerque Arts Board resides, shall nominate two members to the Albuquerque Arts Board who reside in his or her respective Council District and the Mayor shall appoint one of these recommended members; provided, however, if a member is eligible for reappointment to the Arts Board and the Councilor in whose District that member resides desires to reappoint the member, the Councilor shall so notify the Council and the member shall be reappointed subject to the advice and consent of the Council. If a member is not being reappointed, the Mayor shall deliver to the Council the Mayor's recommendation from the two names submitted within 30 days of delivery of the two names to the Mayor. If the Mayor fails to timely make a recommendation from the two names submitted, the Councilor may appoint one of the two recommended members subject to the advice and consent of the Council. The Mayor shall appoint the two at large members to the Albuquerque Arts Board with the advice and consent of the Council. The term of each member shall be three years. The terms of the members shall be staggered so that three members are eligible for reappointment or replacement each year.

(B) Except as provided in this article, the qualifications, appointment and conduct of the members of the Board and any of its subcommittees and the organizational structure of the Board and its subcommittees shall be governed by 2-6-1-1 et seq.

(C) Members of the Board shall be broadly representative of all fields of the visual arts and fine crafts. They shall include persons who are widely known for their professional competence and experience in the arts and knowledgeable lay persons.

(D) Conflict of Interest. This division (D) supplements 2-6-1-4. A Board or a subcommittee member having a financial interest in the outcome of any policy, decision, or determination before the Board or subcommittee on which he serves shall, as soon as possible after such interest becomes apparent, disclose to each of the other members voting on the matter the nature of his financial interest in the issue, and shall be disqualified from participating in any debate, decision or vote relating thereto.

('74 Code, 11-14-3) (Ord. 89-1978; Am. Ord. 47-1982; Am. Ord. 24-1992; Am. Ord. 3-2000; Am. Ord. 43-2006; Am. Ord. 1-2008; Am. Ord. 14-2008; Am. Ord. 8-2009; Am. Ord. 19-2009)

Bookmark 10-5-4 POWERS AND DUTIES.

The Board shall promote and encourage private and public programs to further the development and public awareness of, and interest in the visual arts and fine crafts and cultural properties. In carrying out its duties and powers the Board shall:

(A) Make recommendations to the Mayor on the acquisition of works of art for city-owned facilities.

(B) Make recommendations to the Mayor for any work of art to be funded from the Capital Improvements Program as provided for in 10-5-5(A) with regard to an artist, a design proposal and/or a work of art to be approved.

(C) Make recommendations to the Mayor for any work of art which will be a part of the public art collection and which will be funded, or partially funded by non-Capital Improvement Program sources including the public site for the display of such art and establish criteria for the selection of the artist and/or the work of art or make recommendations regarding the proposed artist and/or work of art.

(D) Advise the Mayor on the proposed removal, relocation or alteration of any public arts project or works of art in the possession of the city but which are not collections or exhibitions of other city departments.

(E) Make recommendations to the Mayor on any arts program to be supported by the city other than the programs operated by other city departments.

(F) Recommend to the Mayor programs and facilities to further the development and public awareness of the visual arts and fine crafts.

(G) Seek private donations to the public art program. Advise the Mayor regarding additional sources of public funds for the program.

(H) Establish such guidelines as are necessary to carry out the purpose of 10-5-1 et seq. The guidelines shall include but not be limited to criteria for selection of artists and art work, maintenance of a file of interested artists, payment practices, procedures for artistic competitions, and requirements for the maintenance of art works. The guidelines shall be promulgated by the Mayor.

(I) Establish a system of active coordination with the City's Capital Improvement Program and other building activities to insure that works of art are properly integrated into the built environment.

(J) Establish subcommittees or ad hoc task forces to advise and assist the Board. Art Selection Committees may be established as subcommittees to the Board to recommend to the Board an artist or a work of art to be funded from the Capital Improvements Program as provided for in 10-5-5(A). Subcommittee and task force members shall be appointed by the Board for terms to be specified by the Board.

(K) Serve as an advisory board for such city arts or cultural properties and programs as directed by the Mayor.

('74 Code, 11-14-4) (Ord. 89-1978; Am. Ord. 24-1992)

Current Membership
Council District 1Mr. Jonathan M Sanchez
Council District 2Ms. Juli Hendren
Council District 3Vacant
Council District 4Mr. Woody Duncan
Council District 5Ms. Alaina E Wiwi
Council District 6Vacant
Council District 7Ms. Emilie M. De Angelis
Council District 8Ms. Charlotte Schoenmann
Council District 9Ms. Dorothy L Stermer
At LargeMr. William Q. Sabatini
At LargeMs. Margaret (Peg) A. Cronin
Contact: Sherri S. Brueggemann, (505) 768-3833