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Urban Enhancement Trust Fund
Ordinance (4-2-1-3)
Meeting Time/Location
First Friday of every month / Noon to 1:00pm / One Civic Plaza room 605 / Cultural Services.
The urban enhancement projects funded by the Urban Enhancement Trust Fund shall be selected and programmed as provided below:
(A) Project Definition.
(1) Trust Fund Projects. Projects and activities, including educational projects and activities, of nonprofit organizations substantially dedicated to enhancing Albuquerque's cultural vitality in the area of art, music, theater, dance, history, and literature, and that have favorable economic or cultural impacts on the city. Cultural Services Trust Fund projects and activities will be in accordance with the Cultural Plan for Albuquerque.
(2) Anti-donation limitations. Trust fund expenditures shall not violate Article IX, Section 14 of the New Mexico Constitution, which restricts public donations to private entities.
(B) Two-Year Cycle. Each even-numbered year, to coincide with the development of the Decade Plan, the Mayor shall develop a proposed Urban Enhancement Program for use of the trust fund earnings anticipated during the upcoming two fiscal years. The cycle shall be reviewed and approved in conjunction with the Decade Plan and the General Obligation Bond program. Council has final authority to make changes to the Urban Enhancement Trust Fund Two-Year Cycle as proposed by the Citizens' Committee.
(C) Citizens' Committee. The Mayor, with the advice and consent of the Council, shall appoint an 11-member Citizens' Committee. At least one of these citizens shall reside in each of the nine Council districts and two shall be members at large. All appointments shall be for terms of three years, which may be renewed once. If the appointment is to fill a vacancy, it may be renewed twice. The Council may, individually or as a whole, recommend committee appointees to the Mayor. The Citizens' Committee shall establish such guidelines as are necessary to carry out the purpose of the ordinance. The guidelines shall include but not be limited to goals for selection of projects and procedures for selection. The guidelines shall be promulgated by the Mayor.
(D) Public-Private Partnership. In developing the Urban Enhancement two-year cycle, consideration shall be given to promoting a public-private partnership designed to enhance the quality of life in Albuquerque. Where feasible and appropriate, Albuquerque businesses, private organizations, and neighborhood associations shall be involved in the planning of urban enhancement projects. All joint public-private projects shall have no less than one-third of their operation and capital budgets supplied by a nonpublic source unless the project is adopted by a vote of two-thirds of the members of the City Council.
('74 Code, 4-1-3) (Ord. 65-1983; Am. Ord. 20-1984; Am. Ord. 28-1994; Am. Ord. 12-2000; Am. Ord. 16-2001; Am. Ord. 24-2004)
Current Membership
Council District 1Ms. Ashley Otero
Council District 2Ms. Julia Youngs
Council District 3Vacant
Council District 4Mr. John Rockwell
Council District 5Ms. Meaghan Cavanaugh
Council District 6Mr. Stanley Allen
Council District 7Ms. Jo . Martin
Council District 8Mr. Carole C Sullivan
Council District 9Mr. Andrew Lipman
At LargeMs. Nancy Zastudil
At LargeMs. Gabrielle Uballez
Contact: Sherri Brueggemann, (505) 768-3833