Information Technology Policies and Standards

Information Technology Commodity Procurement Policy
To Be Reviewed
Applies to all City information technology procurements.
Policy Definitions:
All information technology procurements must conform to City standards and go through a TRC/ISC evaluation process. Departments may only procure information technology equipment and services which are approved for purchase under City TRC/ISC processes. The justification for the purchase must be explained in the business case section of the TRC form.
  • The procurement of City standard hardware and software is exempt from the TRC/ISC processes if the transaction is done on-line via a purchasing/catalog system operated by a City standard on-line procurement information technology vendor. The Information Technology Services Division and the Purchasing Division will establish the Citywide contracts and determine the selection of standard hardware and software that will be available on-line from each vendor. A list of vendors shall be published as a standard.
  • A list of suppliers for software, hardware, licenses and contractor services, and maintenance agreements will be published as a standard.

Policy Provisions:
The procurement of hardware and software solutions must be in compliance with the City’s enterprise-wide software and system software standards.
This policy anchors City information technology procurement standards. The standards developed under this policy will define what departments can and cannot buy. This policy reduces total cost and saves the City money.

The City is working to reduce the total cost of ownership of City information technology assets.

The components of total cost of ownership include:
  • initial capital costs
  • technical support costs
  • administrative support costs
  • end user costs (training and peer-to-peer support)

The City shall only pursue purchases with acceptable and appropriate business cases.

See also:
  • "Information Services Committee," § 2-6-3-1 et seq. ROA 1994.

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