Information Technology Policies and Standards

Domain Names
To Be Reviewed
Applies to City of Albuquerque-owned domain names and websites.
The City's domain name for public City of Albuquerque web content is This domain name should be promoted in all public City promotional material (such as brochures, news releases, e-mail signatures, advertisements, signs, etc.).

Custom domain names may be used to promote City services, programs and activities via Web, broadcast, print or other advertising media, subject to the following requirements:
  • All Web requests directed to a custom domain name shall be automatically forwarded to the appropriate page or folder at, which must meet current City Web content standards (e.g., forwarded to
  • Only Web forwarding is permitted when using a custom domain name; other services (e.g., e-mail addressing; other hosting) are prohibited.
  • The domain name shall include either the full name "ALBUQUERQUE" or the common abbreviation "ABQ" under all circumstances, unless an exception is granted by the Information Services Committee. Generally, the name should be registered in the .org top-level domain (TLD) to indicate the noncommercial nature of the program or activity; however, the same name may be simultaneously registered in multiple TLDs (e.g., .org, .net, .com, .us, .info) to facilitate traffic.
  • In the alternative, a program, activity or event name may be prepended to the City's domain name (e.g., "" to redirect to for use as a custom domain name.
  • The Information Systems Division (ISD) shall act as the City's registration authority for all City-owned domain names. ISD shall acquire and maintain all domain registrations.

The following domain names are grandfathered:
This common domain name represents a unified City government.

The City obtained the domain name in 1990. As a result of this foresight, the City's website registers very well with Internet search engines.

The .gov extension, highly desired by other municipalities who did not obtain it years ago, is only currently available under very limiting circumstances. This .gov extension provides added credibility to the content we provide our citizens, business customers, and visitors.

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