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Employee Internet Management "Filtering" Exceptions
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Employee Internet Management "Filtering" Policy
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Applies to requests by employees for access to sites blocked by the City's Internet filtering which are necessary to conduct official City business.
The employee shall open a call with the Information Systems Division (ISD) Help Desk at 768-2930 or via e-mail at and provide:
  • the employee's name, Department, and contact information;
  • the complete Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the site that is currently blocked;
  • a statement certifying that access to the site is necessary for the employee to perform his/her job responsibilities.

ISD staff shall verify the categorization of the site and that the site does not include content prohibited by City policy.

If ISD staff determine that the site includes prohibited content, is correctly categorized, or is not City-business related, the request shall be denied.

If ISD staff determine that the site does not include prohibited content, is incorrectly categorized, and is City-business related, ISD shall, at its option:
  • add the URL of the site to a local, custom "not filtered" list;
  • open a support call with the filtering vendor, requesting re-categorization of the site to a category which the City does not restrict;
  • both.

Determinations of ISD staff pursuant to this procedure may be appealed by the employee's Department Director to the Chief Information Officer, whose decision shall be final.

This procedure is intended for exceptions for individual blocked Internet sites only. In accordance with City policy, requests for exemption from blocking by category shall not be honored.
The City of Albuquerque provides employees access to the vast information resources of the Internet with the intention of increasing productivity. While Internet access has the potential to help you do your job faster or smarter, there is justifiable concern that it can also be misused. Such misuse can waste time and potentially violate laws, ordinances, or other City policies.

Contact: Lee Stark, (505) 768-2978