Information Technology Policies and Standards

Personal Computer Hardware and Software
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IT Procurement Policy
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Applies to all personal computers purchased, owned, or maintained by the City of Albuquerque.
Supported Software: (includes installation and limited how-to and problem-solving.  No instructional courses are offered.)
      Microsoft Office 2000
      Microsoft Office XP Professional
      Microsoft Office 2003
      Microsoft Project Professional 2003
      Microsoft Visio (organization charts)
      Lotus Notes
      Mocha TN3270
      NetManage OnNet (Ross for County)
      Adobe Acrobat (current versions)
      activePDF PrimoPDF PDF Writer
      Microsoft Internet Explorer (current versions)
      Macromedia Contribute
Approved Software: (no installation, instructional, how-to or problem-solving support. If installation is required to perform specific job duties, it must be provided by Department staff or through vendor support.)
      Adobe PageMaker
      Macromedia Dreamweaver
      Adobe Photo Shop
      File Maker Pro
      Microsoft FrontPage
      Centurion DriveShield
Supported Operating Systems:
      Windows XP Professional
Legacy Operating Systems: (limited support available for existing installations; no new installations permitted)
      Windows 95 and Windows 98
      Windows NT
      Windows ME
      Windows 2000

Recommended Minimum Configurations for New Desktop Personal Computers
This configuration provides enough processing power for large spreadsheet development, word processing, PC database development, presentation graphics development, desktop publishing, etc. The PCs can support connection to the mainframe, UNIX, and Novell applications and file sharing. The recommended minimum configuration is:        
    • Pentium IV or equivalent or better processor, speed currently available for business-use PCs (not those manufactured for the home user)
    • 256MB RAM Minimum
    • 40 GB Hard Drive
    • Windows XP Pro Operating System
    • 17" Flat Panel (regular 17" or larger monitor or flat screen is optional)
    • 32x CD-ROM Drive
    • 10/100 Base-T PCI Network Interface Card
    • Optional: Speakers, Headphones and Sound cards
    • 16MB Video Memory
    • MUST include three (3) year on-site service maintenance agreement
    • Optional: 56k Fax/Modem
    • Optional CDRW or DVD drives
    • Optional 3 1/2 " Floppy Drive
    Recommended Brands: Hewlett Packard/Compaq, IBM, Dell, and Gateway

Recommended Minimum Configurations for New Notebook or Tablet PC’s:
The laptop configuration has all application software loaded locally and network connections require a docking station or Etherlink PCMCIA card. The recommended configuration is: 
    • Intel Mobile Pentium IV or equivalent or better processor, speed currently available for business-use laptops (not those manufactured for the home user)
    • 256MB RAM Minimum
    • 20 GB Hard Drive
    • 24x CD-ROM drive
    • 16MB Video RAM
    • RJ-45 LAN Jack or Etherlink PCMCIA Card, without “dongle” technology
    • Windows XP Professional Operating System
    • 3.5" floppy disk drive (optional)
    • PCMCIA Fax/Modem card (Etherlink Card if connecting to the network)
    • One (1) Type II PCMCIA Card slot
    • Two (2) USB 2.0-compliant ports
    • Active color matrix display
    • Touchpad or pointing stick mouse
    • Internal speakers
    • Additional considerations: (Extra batteries, DVD/CDRW drives, chargers and Docking Stations/Port Replicators
    Recommended Brands: Hewlett-Packard/Compaq, Dell, Toshiba, Gateway 
    Recycled PC Requirements
    A recycled PC (one that is passed on to another City employee) MUST have the following minimums:
      • Must be running or upgraded to Windows XP Professional as an operating system (upgrade license may be purchased instead of purchasing a full Windows XP license)
      • 1.0 GHz or faster processor
      • 512MB RAM Minimum
      • 20 GB or larger Hard Drive
      • CD-ROM drive
      • PCI 10/100-BaseT Network Interface
      • Two (2) USB 1.1-compliant ports
    Recycled Notebook PC Requirements:
    Notebook PCs that need new or upgraded software or hardware upgrades must meet the following standards:       
      • 750 MHz processor or faster
      • 256MB RAM Minimum
      • 15 GB or larger Hard Drive
      • Windows XP Professional only (upgrade license may be purchased)
      • 3.5" floppy disk drive (optional)
      • CD-ROM drive
      • One (1) Type II PCMCIA Card slot
      • One (1) USB 1.1-compliant port
      • Touchpad or pointing stick mouse
      • RJ-45 LAN Jack or Etherlink PCMCIA Card
    These standards are intended to satisfy the requirements of conducing daily business in an efficient manner. Departments must recognize, specify, and justify the need for purchasing new platforms. Recycle standards change as new application software requires more processing power and/or hardware changes.

    These standards provide the following benefits:
    • Facilitate the exchange and sharing of data electronically, by using the same programs (with related file formats) and platforms across City Government.
    • Achieve substantial savings in person-time support costs, over a period of time, by reducing the number of products that are supported.
    • Reduce training costs and facilitate staff transfers, by having the same software in use throughout City Government.
    • Enable City Government to avail of volume purchase discounts from major software vendors.

    Contact: Dane VanPelt, (505) 768-2797