Information Technology Policies and Standards

Network Access/Connectivity
To Be Reviewed
Applies to all devices connecting to networks owned and managed by the City of Albuquerque.

Noncompliant devices currently being supported for elected officials and Department Directors will continue to be supported through November 30, 2009.
The following policies are adopted to ensure the internal and external integrity and protection of the City's networks:
  1. No non-City owned or managed platforms (PDAs, PCs, laptops, handhelds or any other devices capable of attaching to the network) will be directly connected through any means to the City's networks.
  2. Whenever and wherever possible, Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections will be used for remote access to the City's network. The City uses VPNs to establish secure, end-to-end private network connections over a public networking infrastructure. VPNs have become the logical solution for remote access connectivity. VPNs allow mobile workers, partners, and day extenders to take advantage of broadband connectivity.
  3. No remote connectivity or remote control software (e.g. PC Anywhere, Procomm, etc.) will be used to connect to the City's network in any way unless approved in advance and then registered with the Technical Review Committee (TRC).
  4. No modem will be used to connect to City network assets unless approved in advance and then registered with TRC.
  5. No wireless device will be connected to the City's network unless approved in advance and then registered with TRC.
  6. Department IT User Group representatives will certify annually in writing to TRC within 30 days after the beginning of the new fiscal year that all devices or software connected from remote locations (employee residence(s), businesses/vendors, etc.) to the City's networks are required for a valid City business purpose, comply with current requirements and document all instances of access to the City's networks.
  7. All platforms approved by TRC for connection to the City's networks will have the City's standard anti-virus protection software.
The City of Albuquerque has made, and will continue to make, a significant investment implementing an information sharing infrastructure to meet the business needs of the City, the work requirements of employees, and the communication needs of the public. This policy is required to protect that infrastructure and the business needs of the City and its citizens.

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