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Multi-function Network Device Evaluation
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IT Procurement Policy
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This procedure applies to any multi-function device that may be connected to the City network that provides any combination of printing, coping, faxing, and scanning.
Any department wishing to purchase a multi-function network device must follow this procedure and related standards while adhering to the IT Procurement Policy.

Any unit with a copy function must follow the City copier standard and be evaluated for cost through the Purchasing Division copier assessment process. Include Purchasing's copier needs assessment document and evaluation results with any TRC request.

copier policy.pdfCopier Needs Assessment.doc

If the unit is listed in the Multi-function Network Device Standard, follow the standard TRC/ISC procedure.

If the device is not listed in the above standard, an evaluation must be done to add it to the standard by following these steps:
  1. Submit a standard TRC request listing the nonstandard equipment that is to be purchased or leased. Attach Purchasing's Copier Needs Assessment document and evaluation results to the TRC request, only if the unit has a copy function. Include why the requested equipment is being purchased. What old equipment is being replaced, if any. In detail, how the new device is sufficiently different from equipment that is already supported. These differences must take into account the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to the City. Examples of differences are: has new functions not currently available on other devices (list them), offers composite billing for maintenance contracts, or over usage and click charges do not apply.
  2. The following reasons are not sufficient:
    • the initial cost is less than other devices;
    • the device isfaster;
    • same manufacturer as the old copier unit;
    • good salesman at the door; or
    • Department wants it.
  3. TRC will decide if the equipment warrants an evaluation. If not, the request is rejected. If so, the request is put on hold until the evaluation is complete.
  4. The department contacts the TRC appointed ISD staff member to schedule the evaluation.
  5. The evaluation team gets together to work up the evaluation plan details.
  6. The vendor brings a test unit to ISD for evaluation.
  7. The evaluation team installs the test unit on the City network.
  8. The evaluation team evaluates the test unit on the network per the Multi-function Network Device Standard.
  9. The evaluation results are presented to TRC.
  10. TRC will decide if the device should be added to the supported list. If approved by TRC, the device family is added to the standard and the original request is approved. If not, the device and request are rejected.
This procedure ensures total cost of ownership (TCO) is addressed when purchasing these multi-function devices. TCO must address initial device cost, installation cost, supply cost, continuing maintenance cost and support costs.

The TRC will not evaluate multi-function devices unless asked to do so by department TRC request.

Contact: Bill S. Ziegler, (505) 768-2516