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Website Content
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Applies to content on all City external websites and internal websites.

This standard replaces the following standards:
  • Timely Content Standard, August, 2003;
  • Website Credit Standard, March, 2003;
  • Fast Loading Pages Standard, March 2003;
  • Web Page Contact and Response Standard, March 2003;
  • Text and Use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Standard, November, 2005.
Timeliness: Content on all City web servers must be timely. Content shall be reviewed as often as is necessary to ensure that timely information is always available.

Very timely content, such as news items or calendar events, should be published to the City's News and Events Database. The City's primary content server,, should be reserved -- where possible -- for static, more permanent content.

Relevance & Audience: Content appropriate for City employees should be published to City employee web servers. (The primary domain for promotion is

Content appropriate for the public should be published to City public web servers. (The primary domain for promotion is

Content should be directly relevant to the appropriate audience. Departments should make every effort to explain why the information is directly relevant to the chosen audience (i.e., why should the user care?).

Quality: Content shall be of the highest quality possible, in a way that conveys a professional impression of City government. Departments must always use correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation. Directors shall ensure that an appropriately trained website liaison - such as a public relations professional - reviews all content before it is published.

Fast Loading Pages: Total page size (including the City's template, all text, all images, all scripts, etc.) may not exceed 100KB. If it is necessary to exceed this total page size, the file or document should be offered as a hyperlink with a warning to users (i.e., a hyperlink: "Park Map (200KB)").

Text/Stylesheets: City of Albuquerque website styles are determined by the City's official cascading stylesheets (CSS). For the stylesheets to work, designers/developers should always leave all font styles/sizes at default for basic body content, headers, etc. The use or creation of additional stylesheets should be discussed first with the Information Systems Division.

Unique in-line styles should be used sparingly. Text should never be underlined, as this implies a hyperlink. Text should never be in all capital letters, as this implies shouting.

Contact: Contact information should be listed on every page on the City's public and employee websites. Placement of contact information is determined by the City's website templates. At the minimum, an email address is required. Area codes should be used in conjunction with phone numbers. The contact listed is responsible for responding to website inquiries in a timely fashion. Contact email addresses, whether part of the contact section or elsewhere on a page, should always be presented as a mailto link (example: Links to biographies should be presented with the name of the individual hyperlinked (example: Ed Adams).

Credit: Website credit is not allowed. No individual can put credits for design/development/service on City of Albuquerque official websites/pages. The only individual listed should be the appropriate website contact.
Outdated content is one of the primary reasons why a website user would be turned off and/or leave the City website(s).

The news and events database is ideal for timely content. This application allows the user to set an expiration date for both news and events.

The use of stylesheets
  • ensures a consistent appearance for web pages;
  • is recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium;
  • is an important component of accessible web design;
  • ensures faster loading pages;
  • ensures pages are easier to read on various devices (such as cell phones, PDAs, etc.);
  • ensures a more flexible website that can more easily be transferred to a new system; and
  • ensures site-wide design changes can be made quickly and easily;

Credit is not allowed as official City websites are a cooperative and collaborative project.

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