Information Technology Policies and Standards

Employee Internet Management Filtering Policy
To Be Reviewed
Applies to all Internet access originating from the City's networks. This policy extends to networks and resources outside the City that access City resources via the Internet.
Policy Definitions:
The City of Albuquerque needs to reduce legal risk and protect the productivity of its employees via controlled access to the Internet Web sites. Filtering and other appropriate methods shall be used to control access to Internet Web sites. Filtering shall be based on official City business needs related to Internet Web services. This policy is to ensure that all City use of the Internet is legal and complies with City values and policies; and that staff and business partners have access to web sites and Internet services legitimately needed for their City business.

Policy Provisions:
The City has the authority to manage, filter, monitor and enforce Internet access from the City's networks using a third-party product or service.
  • Access shall be limited or blocked based upon categories or protocols defined by the vendor of the product or service. The category and protocol names shall be published in a standard. Each category or protocol blocked or limited in the standard shall reference the applicable City policy.
  • Peer-to-Peer file sharing /Bit torrent applications are prohibited on the City network. These programs are configured by default to "share out"; that is, not only can you retrieve files from other users' computers, but they can retrieve files from your City-owned computer without your knowledge.
  • The installation and/or use of instant messaging software and facilities other than those approved for use in conducting official City business are prohibited. De minimis personal communication between City employees using City standard instant messaging software and facilities is permitted. However, other personal or non-City business use is prohibited.
  • Employees requiring access to blocked or limited sites in order to conduct official City business only may request an exemption from a site restriction. At its option, the City may re-categorize the site if it is deemed appropriate for City business. A request procedure shall be published. Employees requesting an exemption for an individual site will submit, in writing using the proper exemption form, to be signed by employee’s immediate supervisor. Authorization of the exemption will be approved by City Chief Information Officer, Security Officer or designee.
  • Employees may not request exemption from restriction of sites that are not directly related to conducting official City business.
  • Employees may not request exemption from limitation or blocking by category or protocol.
  • Authorized administrators may temporarily add known sites to a local, custom "blocked" category or protocol on an emergency basis in order to protect the City's information technology assets (i.e., during a virus outbreak).
This policy provides a means to enforce compliance with City policies (e.g., Employee Internet Usage Policy, E-Mail Usage Policy).

Contact: Arthur C. Montoya, (505) 768-2925