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Client Side Scripting Standard
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Standardization of Website Publishing and Development Tools Policy
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This standard ensures a professional City of Albuquerque web presence that meets current conventions in government website management. It also allows the city to aggregate code into reusable libraries, and to standardize development environments.
Client side scripting will be in JavaScript/ECMAScript. The base versions will be ECMA-262 v1 as implemented in JavaScript 1.3 and JScript 3.0.

Scripts must avoid using platform/script dependant functionality and should be platform-neutral insofar as the city standards regarding browser standards. If this is unavoidable, scripts should degrade gracefully.

Scripts must comply with existing W3 guidelines on accessibility. In particular, they should minimize use of “pop-up windows” and try to avoid generating code that cannot be read or accessed through screen readers.

Scripts should be used minimally and should re-use functionality provided in core libraries where available.
There are a number of different client-side scripting languages. Within these languages, there are also a number of incompatible variants. The version above represents a “middle of the road” that will encompass the majority of browsers.

However, we also try and recognize that bugs and specification inconsistencies may mean that features may not be available on some platforms. In these cases, care must be taken to make sure that the script doesn’t just die without giving a meaningful error to the user.

Language standardization is also important as it prevents the fragmentation of expertise across different languages.

Core libraries allow pages to be loaded more efficiently and also allow more reliable code to be generated.

Contact: Julie A. Hicks, (505) 768-2814