Information Technology Policies and Standards

Timely Content Standard
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Purpose & Commitment to Quality Policy
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This policy ensures a professional City of Albuquerque web presence that meets current conventions in government website management
Content on all City web servers must be timely. Content should be reviewed as often as is necessary to ensure that timely information is always available.

Very timely content, such as news items or calendar events, should be entered in the City's News and Events Database. The City's primary content server,, should be reserved-- where possible-- for static, more "permanent" content.

When it is necessary to archive pages, they should be placed in a folder labeled "archive" and the Information Systems Division should be notified, so that the folder can be hidden from the City's search engine.
Outdated content is one of the primary reasons why a website user would be turned off and/or leave the City website/s.

The news and events database ensures that the public always has current content. The dynamic application allow the user to set an expiration date, so the item automatically expires (disappears off the server).

There are some instances where archiving is appropriate, such as meeting agendas and certain news items. Current and archived information should be clearly differentiated.

This standard works in conjunction with the Website Responsibility Policy and the Purpose and Commitment to Quality Policy.

The Website Responsibility Policy says (excerpt): "Department Heads ensure that their department complies with all websites policies, standards, and procedures. Department heads ensure that all department content is current and accurate and that inquiries via the web are addressed in a timely fashion."

The Purpose and Commitment to Quality Policy says (excerpt): "Any and all official City of Albuquerque websites shall be developed around the needs of the audience: The City's official public website shall have web content, navigation, and design developed from a citizen-driven perspective. The City's official employee website shall have web content, navigation, and design developed from an employee-driven perspective. "

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