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Library Automation Hardware and Software
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Information Technology Procurement
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Applies to procurement of Public Library automation hardware and software.
Vendor: Innovative Interfaces, Inc.
  • Millennium integrated library platform. The core system that enables the library to purchase, circulate and manage all customer accounts and all materials.The Millennium system includes vendor-supplied configured servers and software that consists of the following modules:
    • Acquisitions: Acquisition of materials and financial accounting management.
    • Cataloging: The database management module for all add, change and deletes of library materials.
    • Serials: Manages periodicals including all magazines and newspaper subscriptions.
    • Circulation: Check in and out of all materials. Patron database management including all add, change and deletes for patron records. Patron financial management.
  • WebPacPro: Web based catalog enables customers to search for the location of library materials, request materials be delivered to a library most convenient for them to borrow from, make changes to their account information, pay fees online and renew checked out items.
  • Encore: Encore is Innovative’splatform for community, content, and discovery that will allow Millennium sites to provide their users with a transformed experience of their library on the Web.

Vendor: 3M Library Systems:
  • 3M SelfCheck: SelfCheck stations enable customers to check out library materials without staff intervention.
  • 3M Detection Systems: 3M Tattle Tape security strips, 3M Detection Gates, Sensitize/Desensitize devices. The Tattle Tape security strips located in each item alarms at 3M Detection Gates if not desensitized at the 3M SelfCheck station or at a desensitizing device at each circulation desk for loss prevention.
  • Public Access Management System (PAMS): 3M/Comprise Technologies Smart Access Management system “SAM”l. This is a self-service system for managing public PC’s. The SAM system provides the scheduling of public PC’s, Session Time Management, authentication at login requiring a SmartCard and password, Print Cost Recovery from the SmartCard and Internet filtering.
  • Point of Sale: 3M/Comprise Technologies Smart Money Manager “SMM” that is part of the SAM system and is compatible with Innovative Interfaces, Inc. Millennium library automation platform.
Establishes standard software, servers and devices for automation in public libraries to reduce support costs and ensure optimum integration.

Contact: John F. Meier, (505) 768-5181